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Of Dishes

The dishes of our menu are prepared with the best raw materials. Fresh products that come to our kitchen from the best markets. The variety of menus range from traditional dishes to the most laborious dishes of the modern cuisine.


Purse filled with cheese, leek and shrimp
Creeps (mushrooms or spinach)
Galician fresh knives

Galician clam a la marinera (ration)


Scrambled eggs with prawns

Broken eggs of farmyard with red prawn

Asparagous with grilled vegetables
Assorted Iberian cold cuts
Foie grass with walnut oil
Ajo mortero (potatoe, garlic, oil and Cantabrian cod)
Cantabrian anchovies on grilled toast
Grilled squid
Homemade croquettes
Morteruelo conquense (mix of game meat)
Scrambled eggs with porcini mushrooms
Galician style octopus with boiled potatoes
Grilled langoustines
Red shrimp (12)
Iberian ham
Cod scallops with asparagous and shrimps
Smoked salmon roll
Fried sweetbreads with garlic in white wine
Ensaladas de la Casa

Ensalada de cogollos con anchoas y ventresca de bonito
Ensalada de rulo de queso de cabra con frutos secos
Ensalada tropical (mango, papaya, kiwi, melón, piña, frutos rojos y langostinos)
Ensalada mixta
Ensalada SOL (queso, gulas, salmón y fruta de temporada)
Ensalada de perdiz en escabeche
Ensalada César

Judias con Perdiz
Crema de almendras con gambas
Sopa Castellana
Espaguetis Boloñesa o Carbonara
"A Banda" rice in fish broth
Rice with lobster
Rice with seafood
Paella with vegetables

Sepia a la Plancha
Dorada a la espalda (o plancha)
Lubina a la espalda (o plancha)
Merluza (andaluza, marinera o plancha)
Emperador plancha
Zarzuela de pescado y marisco (min 2 pax.)
Calamar auténtico nacional
Calamares caseros a la romana
Lomo extra de Bacalao a la vizcaína

Tournedos Rossini with foie grass sauce
Grilled steak or with sauce 
Beef Sirloin (with toasted garlic, pepper or cheese sauce)
Baby lamb chops fried or grilled with garlic 
Pickled patridge
Grilled beef steak
Roast suckling pig

BBQ ribs


Boiled beef ribs

Knuckle Baked

Baked tender lamb shoulder (24 hour notice required)
Suckling pig half or whole (24 hour notice required)


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Every day we renew the menu with the best of seasonal produce. Our highly regarder chef will offer a healthy, healthy food and especially scrumptious!