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Our Chef invites you to enjoy the best seasonal dishes on our menu. 

Summer, winter, spring, autumn... Every season has its own time, its own characteristics; each season awakens various special feelings within us all. 

Our Restaurant's menu is based on this principle. We are not the same in January as we are in August, because we do not fancy the same things in March as in October. For that reason, we offer seasonal menus which include a wide variety of the most exquisite delicacies appropriated to each season. We ensure the highest quality and freshness in all our products using seasonal fruits and vegetables. 

We serve the best traditional cuisine from La Mancha as well as the finest international cuisine in the market. 

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Of Dishes

The dishes of our menu are prepared with the best raw materials. Fresh products that come to our kitchen from the best markets. The variety of menus range from traditional dishes to the most laborious dishes of the modern cuisine.   Starters Purse filled with…

Daily Menu

Traducir->Además de nuestras cartas de Restaurante y Cafetería, en Hotel del Sol disponemos de un Menú especial que cambiamos todos los días, disponible tanto en el Restaurante como en la Cafetería. Con cuatro primeros, cuatro segundos y cuatro postres a elegir, es una buena alternativa…

Private Room

Private Room for 20 people where you can celebrate special events in an environment of complete privacy. Especially recommended for business lunches and diners or if you want to go unnoticed. Discretion and confidentiality is guaranteed. Facilities: TV, Internet access, Fireplace and Private Bathroom. 

Events and celebrations

Hotel del Sol has at your disposal Reception Rooms where all kind of celebrations can take place with capacity for 375 people.  Even though a successful organization of a celebration may seem to be a difficult task, we manage to do it simple and easy. …

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We renew our daily menu every day

Every day we renew the menu with the best of seasonal produce. Our highly regarder chef will offer a healthy, healthy food and especially scrumptious!